Introduction to the Foundation



Gecas World, Co., Ltd is a company that provides digital cryptocurrencies and systems to facilitate environmental businesses through solar power facilities applicable to golf courses all around the world.

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  • GECASCOIN is an abbreviation of four words, including Golf, Eco, Carbon and Solar.
  • The edge graphics following after a gem shape is to express the corporate images of Gecas Group that produces and supplies valuable new and renewable energy while G in the middle is a graphic materializing solar power that is rising in order to provide integrated services of Gecascoin.




We Save The World For the People

The biggest debt of the human race is to our nature.
Please join Gecas World to protect the environment.

  • The ultimate goal of Gecas World is to reduce the world‟s carbon emission and to green the earth.
  • Gecas Platform, one of the various projects mainly focuses on solar power energy which is most effective and realizable among all other future new and renewable energy such as water, wind, fire and tide and systemized investment and benefit realizing production and consumption of electricity.
  • The system is to secure best price and reduce cost through SMP and REC of solar power generation, including blockchain functions out of artificial intelligence and data. It will intelligently control energy supply to ensure a load balance. The capacity for load will be greater than electricity out of existing solar power stations and the benefit will be distributed to GecasCoin users.
  • more the benefits are delivered to each member, the greener the nature will become and the higher the happiness index will increase.

We Make Happiness For the People

It is humans who generate environmental problems and still, solve those problems.
Gecas World will help and affiliate with domestic and overseas activists for their more proactive movement for the environment.

  • GecasCoin of Gecas World will redefine new and renewable energy system of the entire world.
  • GecasCoin has used the best quantum computer technologies based on big data through the fourth-generation and new-generation blockchain, smart contract and artificial intelligence
  • Gecas World, based on GecasCoin, provides all the benefits out of various new projects and investments in new and renewable energy to users of GecasCoin efficiently and safely based on the 3:6:1 principle, which is to offer the best benefits to users of GecasCoin. The dividends of compensation are based on dispersed data networks.

Our Dream Your Reality

Just like trees gather to make a forest,
Gecas World will work hard to become a good tree helping
to solve the environmental problems of the earth.

  • The World Professional Golf Association (WPGA KOREA), the Korean headquarters will make new and renewable energy through solar power stations on the golf course parking lots and remaining spaces, suppressing carbon emission, serving people and the earth and re-distributing profits out of such activities to our coin users.
  • Based on the blockchain system, which leads the fourth industrial revolution, golfers from all around the world will become one through online and offline routes. We establish the best project for golfers to benefit from special gains and invite you to a new golf world.


WPGA The World Professional Golf Association

The World Professional Golf Association (WPGA) was established by Greg Norman in 1992, who was most influential and best in the world‟s golf. The Asian branch of the World Professional Golf Association was established by Dr. Paul K Cho in 1993 with its official registration with the US federal government. The Asian branch hosted its first event in Orlando, Florida, USA in February 1993, followed by development of many talented people covering teachers and workers working with many Asian branches over the last 28 years.

In 2001, Dr. Paul K Cho established an Asian headquarters in Seoul in 2001. Since then, over the last 17 years, branches have been established in 12 Southeast Asian countries, offering new ideas, fresh projects and strong propulsion, dedicated to excavation of talented people, development of items, golf course consulting and offline and online activities for the rights of the WPGA members, which resulted in a great influence on the golf business.
At the point of time when the golf industry shrinks, 150 million golfers will become one through more than 42,000 golf courses around the world. They work in harmony to develop a new future golf industry that will benefit the world. For the new golf industry, WPGA developed a golf coin named GecasCoin, enabling golfers to enjoy, make new and renewable energy for the earth and the human race and offer a great benefit to them.

Gecas Group hosted by WPGA suppresses carbon emission by making new and renewable energy through solar power plants located on golf parking lots and empty spaces. The benefits for the earth and the human race, based on the blockchain system that leads the world‟s fourth industrial revolution will be redistributed to coin users. Golfers of the world will be united through online and offline activities and enable them to benefit more than ever. The greatest project invites you to ta new world of golf/


Business Area
    Professional Golfer development and education
    • Various WPGA tours
    • Development and training of professional golfers
    • GOLF CEO course for CEO golfers
  • Comprehensive consultancy on golf
    • Screen golf course franchise
    • Golf course & practice room consultancy
    • Professional golfer management
    • Consultancy on various golf businesses and events
  • Caddie consultancy
    • Professional caddie education and training program
    • Education and training of professional tour caddies
    • Commissioned education and training of golf course caddies
    • Helping caddies to be employed in Korea and abroad
  • Golf items and media
    • Professional golf teaching video tape
    • Publication of golf training among various newspapers and other media
    • Import, production and sale of various golf items
  • Hosting events and helping hosting
    • Voluntary golf competition to help the needy neighbors
    • Voluntary golf competition to save lives of children
    • Voluntary golf competition among various CEOs to boost donation culture
    • Hosting many domestic and overseas golf competitions
  • Golf Clinic
    • Infrastructure to establish Golf Academy
    • Provision of knowhow to run golf practice facilities
    • Golf club fitting school
    • Development of professional golf teaching aid
Overseas Branches

Organizational Map


GecasCoin founding members (GWFM) promotion
offers a privilege to members who have purchased 50,000 GecasCoins at $0.70
in May and $0.80in June during the private sales and pre-sale periods.
Qualified members will gain the following special and diverse benefits..
The following is the privilege and qualification.

Founding Members (GWFM) Promotion

Among members who purchased GecasCoin at $0.70 and $0.80 in May and June, respectively and kept 50,000 or more coins, some will have one account among 1,500 accounts. To ensure the rights of the founding members, you must have at least one account

Privilege and Benefit

1) You will receive a benefit out of various projects such as Gecas World Solar Power Plant and other green projects based on the 3:6:1 principle (1/N of the profit coming from 30% of profit) over the following excavation period of GecasCoin (50) years.

2) You will have the rights to take over and transfer the benefits arising from the above-mentioned principle.

3) Owners pertaining to 1,500 accounts celebrating the establishment of the company will, in priority, benefit from frequent special events of Gecas World, luxurious tour and various events.

4) The members of 1,500 accounts celebrating the establishment will form their own network to share joy and happiness together all throughout their life through GTPP (Good Time, Good Person and Good Place), making you to meet good people at a good place over a good length of time.

5) The luxurious golf sites to be taken over by Gecas World as well as luxurious resort hills and health care centers will be offered to the members for them to enjoy special discounts over various events.

6) There will be lively benefits that are uniquely offered to the selected members in addition to the above-presented description.

Special Promotion for Private Sales for Founding Members

1. 1 Members who have purchased accounts will be provided with the 4-5 day special hotel fees, 4 golf rounds and business class air tickets if they pay all of these luxurious packages with one Gcas. (Accompanying person shall pay 3 million Won.).

2. Members who purchase four accounts at one time will be provided with a special promotion in which they will be provided with trips to the world‟s 100 best golf courses (9-10 days) as well as the business class air ticket and the entire tour expense at one Gcas (Accompanying person shall pay 20 million Won.).

3. There are more diverse promotion other than described. Those who cannot take part over the specified period may join other tours conducted by Gecas World

4. If the member cannot take part in the tour, he/she may transfer the tour benefits.

5. The above-provided schedule may change depending on air ticket prices and local circumstances